Omnia Flumina Romam Ducunt

On October 22, 2018 the installation of Alvin Curran “Omina Flumina Romam Ducunt” was inaugurated under the supervision of RAM – Radio Arte Mobile and Electa.
The installation is located inside the Baths of Caracalla in Rome and provides a sound system designed by Antonio Trimani; the system includes the installation of 20 all-weather speakers in the frigidarium wells and inside the tepidarium, the calidarium and the pools.
I personally designed the software of the whole system in Max / Msp; this provides a surround between the different spaces, and a continuous recreation of the different sound combinations generating different scenarios that vary from a strong density to almost complete silence.
The sounds you will hear have been prepared by me and Alvin drawing on his huge sound archive. They are both electronic sounds and environmental recordings that we sometimes reworked in different ways.

Many Thanks to Susan Levenstein for the video and to Fabio Caricchia for the pictures

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