Walter Giers – Electronic Art

Walter Adolf Giers (1937-2006) was a pioneer of electronic arts and audio installations.

The intuition of Giers after the first studies in Design, Jazz and steel engraving, was his idea to transform the circuits into design objects, conveying the usefulness of the circuitry in an object that today could be considered by the captivating design. His works are not just objects that produce sounds or lights, in deference to the theories on the cybernetics of Weiner and Louis Barron, but they are also pure design objects.

In 1968 he conceived his first interactive work: “Mr.Brabbel”, where the viewer can manipulate and influence the object itself by modifying the sounds and lights produced by the work. This principle will be the basis of many of his future works. In advance of what the Arduino systems today allow to do easily.


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