Polarizer by Daniel Menche

“The body of work that Portland’s Daniel Menche has put together over the past 30 years is so voluminous and wide in range that it would be hard to put a superlative on any single release. But if you can’t call Polarizer his noisiest work, you could certainly put it in the top ten. All ten tracks here—each simply labeled as a part of one long piece—are filled with metallic drilling, pulverizing static, trebly screech, and crunchy speaker-drenching sound. Yet there’s very little on Polarizer that could be considered monolithic. The noises throughout are constantly changing and moving, sometimes hurtling through the sonic spectrum at breakneck speed, at other times settling into thick columns of dissonance. All the hard cuts and engine-revving shifts can be dizzying, but ultimately Menche’s full-steam-ahead approach has a gravitational solidity, making Polarizer actually a grounding experience.”

via bandcamp


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