La Testa del Re

Ouranos is finally out on

“The King’s Head” as an archetype of power and control, a symbol of the order you want to behead. Once again Stirpe999 sided with chaos, reiterating with sounds and concepts the distance from the status quo and the functional cultural system to its preservation. At the same time, “The King’s Head” represents the scapegoat of a dystopian society, which unable to reverse course needs the spectre of ancient powers to delegate responsibility for its own decadence: the empire crumbles by burying man under the rubble. Noise and irregular structures, dark and rarefied atmospheres, Stirpe999 interrogates the sound language in a radical way exploiting it to interpret the alienation of the post-human condition. Five very different but consistent tracks, thanks to the common sound intention and the depth of the proposed environments. Starting from the impro-jazz matrix noise proposed by INNER8 we come to the tribal echoes of FIRE AT WORK, a track structured on the alternation of binary and ternary rhythms. OREINOI and PURE offer the two most dancefloor tracks doomstep dark and resolute. VCHUTEMAS closes the circle with a cinematic and suspended proposal, hovering between ambient and avant-garde. A compilation that reaffirms the size of the label, outlined by a common attitude and a radical approach to sound matter which voluntarily violates the genres perimeters, considered useful exclusively to the seriality of the production.”

Incontro CSC Lab “Musica per film”

Venerdì 5 luglio si è svolto un primo incontro di coordinamento tra gli studenti di regia e montaggio del centro sperimentale e gli ex allievi del Lab di musica per le edizioni 2017 e 2018, in previsione di future collaborazioni.

Grazie a Sergio Bassetti, Gianfranco Cabiddu, Annalisa Forgione e Natalia Rolla

ALVIN CURRAN and ANGELO MARIA FARRO live concert at Terme di Caracalla, Rome

Live concert by ALVIN CURRAN and ANGELO MARIA FARRO in occasion of the finissage of:
sound architecture by ALVIN CURRAN
Alvin Curran’s assistants
Angelo Maria Farro
Antonio Trimani
at the Baths of Caracalla, Rome
Curated by RAM radioartemobile
Promoted by Soprintendenza Speciale Roma with Electa
“The sounds which animated the great Baths of Caracalla nearly 2000 years ago are no longer audible, yet the ruins themselves stand like a gigantic musical score – una partitura architettonica – waiting only to be transformed into audible sound, into an universal symphony.” A. C.
Video by RAM radioartemobile in collaboration with 148Produzioni.
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