Alvin Curran in Athens

A new version of the apocalyptic Shofar+ patch will be used by Alvin Curran during his next gig in Athens.

The Shofar+ patch is a huge Max/MSP Live Electronics device I built following Alvin’s instruction

“The concert will be brought to a close with a performance of Alvin Curran’s Shofar in a new version specially written for Tectonics Athens. Featuring Schulkowsky on a range of percussion, a reinforced cactus, wooden and cardboard boxes etc. and Curran playing the shofar, an ancient Jewish instrument made out of a ram’s horn, the primitive monophonic sounds produced by the latter, so redolent of Jewish religious rites, will be processed electronically in real time.”


Sunday 18 at the Onassis Cultural Centre for Tectonics Athens


Picture taken during a concert at Accademia di Francia in Rome, Romaeuropa festival, november, 27, 2016 by Karolina Liusikova



Irrawaddy Blues by Alvin Curran

On Documenta 14  The new “minimal symphony of ambient sounds” by Alvin Curran

The Irrawaddy Blues is a minimal symphony of ambient sounds recorded in Myanmar in 2014/2015 and 2016. Travelling as a tourist with his wife from the northern lakes to Bagan and Mandalay, down the Irrawaddy to Yangon and then making trips to remote islands in the Andaman Sea, Alvin Curran found rich and distinctive sounds everywhere. The composed radio piece is a very personal sound-portrait of Myanmar, which simply lets the sounds “speak” for themselves.

Many thanks to Susan Levenstein for her recordings of coral-feeding fish and Angelo-Maria Farro for his fine audio mastering.

Kinoglaz / Mainoff 2017


With Kinoglaz we went to Mainoff to perform our live soundtrack of “Man with a movie camera” by Dziga Vertov

Watch the interview

Con i Kinoglaz siamo andati al Mainoff a sonorizzare un nostro classico, l’uomo con la macchina da presa di Dziga Vertov


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Grazie a Claudia Teodora Lauria per le splendide foto