Drone Nun

Drone Nun

“Sr Anselme was the youngest of 7 children, born into a poor family in Galway city during the Second World War. Sr Anselme entered the enclosed community of Carmelite Nuns in Loughrea, Galway, at the age of 16, and remained there until her death. Over the course of her life she became responsible for all aspects of music within the convent and raised the quality of the nuns’ singing to a very high standard. Her organ playing was considered particularly fine.”

by Jennifer Walshe

Irrawaddy Blues by Alvin Curran

On Documenta 14  The new “minimal symphony of ambient sounds” by Alvin Curran

The Irrawaddy Blues is a minimal symphony of ambient sounds recorded in Myanmar in 2014/2015 and 2016. Travelling as a tourist with his wife from the northern lakes to Bagan and Mandalay, down the Irrawaddy to Yangon and then making trips to remote islands in the Andaman Sea, Alvin Curran found rich and distinctive sounds everywhere. The composed radio piece is a very personal sound-portrait of Myanmar, which simply lets the sounds “speak” for themselves.

Many thanks to Susan Levenstein for her recordings of coral-feeding fish and Angelo-Maria Farro for his fine audio mastering.

Mixing Exhibit Human

Mixing the soundtrack of Exhibit Human made by me and Eric Guerrino Nardin we wrote together for the documentary directed by Arianna Vergari, Valentina Traini and Marco Camilli

Al mix di Exhibit Human, lo splendido documentario di Arianna Vergari, Valentina Traini e Marco Camilli. Colonna sonora scritta da me insieme ad Eric Guerrino Nardin

From the facebook page:
Il primo documentario italiano sulla plastinazione di Gunther Von Hagens.

The first italian documentary about Gunther Von Hagen’s plastination.

Centinaia di cadaveri esposti in una cripta, macchine anatomiche frutto di misteriosi esperimenti, corpi manipolati dopo la morte nel tentativo di sconfiggere la naturale decomposizione biologica. Anna, giovane fotografa, attraversando quei luoghi in cui la morte viene esibita eppure negata, riflette sulla sua decisione di farsi plastinare. Anna ha firmato un contratto in cui volontariamente sceglie, una volta morta, di donare il suo corpo ad un istituto tedesco, un laboratorio in cui con un lavoro minuzioso il cadavere viene trasformato, diventa plastica anatomica, fino ad assumere i tratti inquietanti di una figura scultorea. Sculture che il misterioso inventore della plastinazione, Gunther Von Hagens, ha deciso di esporre in quella che è una delle mostre più visitate al mondo: Bodyworlds.

A hundred corpses exposed in a tomb, anatomical machines result of mysterious experiments, manipulated bodies in order to win the natural and biological decay. Anna, a young photographer, moves around these places where death is shown yet denied, and thinks about the decision to be plastinated. She signed an agreement in which she choose willingly, after her death, to donate her body to a german institution where the corpse is transformed, became anatomical plastic and in the end, finally, a sculpture. Sculptures that the mysterious inventor of the plastination technique, Gunther Von Hagens, has decided to expose in the most visited exhibition in the world: Bodyworlds.