Witcyst – Long may he inspire

IC Recorder

Michael Veet Ruiliunde was one of the key figure of the abstract new Zealand sound aesthetic. Now he is behind two project: Lifespace and Witcyst IC recorder.
The first is an endless blog of releases accompanied by youtube clips and DIY graphics. The format of the blog almost seems to suggest a continuous remix of the various pages starting from the simple internet browser.
IC recorder on the contrary is an endless collection of more than 200 recordings made, probably, with the recorder Sony IC Device that was used in the 90s to record voice memos. Its quality has made it one of the favorite instruments of the noise of the period. It seems an expansion of sites dedicated to radio art such as Sonosphere.org.
What emerges from both blogs is a use of the internet as a gigantic sound diary of which it seems difficult to see the end. It affects the variety of sounds and atmospheres in a project that must be considered not only as individual elements, but, from a higher vision, like a gigantic work, is that it does not have many emuli in the whole Internet.

Endangered Species ossia The Alvin Curran Fakebook

Accompagnerò Alvin Curran in una lunga performance per il Roma Europa Festival

“Tra sperimentazione e ironia, Curran ripercorre quasi 50 anni della sua musica e costruisce una vera e propria antologia di ‘genuina musica impopolare’. Autobiografia e fake, dunque, come doppio riferimento: da un lato l’ormai popolare social network, dall’altro un vero e proprio assemblaggio di pezzi staccati. Più di 200 lavori sistemati per frammenti, itinerari, composizioni complete, materiali sonori sparsi, ora offerti all’ascoltatore nella loro nudezza e intimità. Quasi un riflesso sonoro del DNA di questo straordinario artista.”

Roma Europa festival 2016